UB+ is a new Singaporean audio brand managed by TGI Technology Pte Ltd, a Singapore-based company with subsidiary manufacturing and R&D facilities in China. The brand name UB+ is derived from the word “ubiquitous”, whereas the use of the “+” symbol represents our desire to constantly improve the functionality, quality and range of our products.

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Eupho E3

Flexible & Adaptable Speaker for
Different Usage Scenarios

The spherical form results in the speaker enclosure having a high compressive strength, which together with its patented unibody design and an in-built high capacity battery, enables the UB+ EUPHO E3 Speaker to be lightweight for easy mobility, and to be used in a variety of scenarios. The UB+ EUPHO E3 Speaker also comes with a companion app that enhances its functionality.


The UB+ EUPHO E3 Speaker incorporates the best elements of traditional speaker design, by using a spherical enclosure, and the latest audio and wireless technology, to create a large size speaker, that is suited for wireless devices in this age of mobility. 

The sphere is known to be the most ideal shape for the design of a speaker enclosure, due to the least amount of ripples in the frequency response. With the UB+ EUPHO Speaker design, the spherical form, together with the use of a single full range driver and design digital amplifier, provides the most optimal factors for sound radiation.

The driver and the passive radiators are aligned, which means that all sound ranges - treble, mid-range and bass - are emitted from the same axis. This results in the point source effect, which allows the different sound ranges to arrive at the listener at the same time, thus producing a life-like sound that is able to replicate the original recording. In most other speakers, the sound ranges are emitted from different parts of a speaker or from different drivers, and therefore a different distance from the listener. These sounds arrive not all at once, but rather in a series of close successiveness resulting in a time-shifted effect.

UB+ Eupho range speakers embedded with a minimal external vibration due to the orchestrated movements between the components of the speaker and the air within, which enables Eupho to be extremely light and portable without sacrificing sound quality. Under comparison, most other speakers are designed to be heavy in order to absorb these external vibrations.

Wireless Design

You can play your music wirelessly by Bluetooth with the UB+ EUPHO E3 Speaker. And you can even pair two of them together wirelessly with the True Wireless Stereo (TWS) function to form an amazing stereo system with an impressive soundstage. Your aural experience can also be further enhanced with the 3D Mode function, so that you can have a cinematic experience right at home. You can toggle between the various preset EQ mode to your liking. The available preset EQ are MOIVE, VOCAL, OUTDOOR.

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Together with our trading partners we participated in DISTREE (Monaco) , adding  new products to our existing speaker range.

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IFA 2018

Participating in the prestigious IFA 2018 event, UB Plus exhibited many new products and products that already exist now.

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