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UB+ Eupho Outdoor Sleeve

Choose your favourite colour from 7 available choices, pair them up or go with two different individual colours! Find one that fits your mood or dressing today!
Hiking trails, campfires and other outdoor activities have whole new meanings with the UB+ Eupho Outdoor Sleeve. Protect your UB+ Eupho Modular Speaker from scratches and smudges with the UB+ Eupho Outdoor Sleeve. The small flap at the back, prevents dust and other small particles from getting into the input ports.
The para cord allows the UB+ Eupho Modular Speaker when used with the UB+ Eupho Outdoor Sleeve to be hung or attached to almost anywhere. Think tree branches, fences, poles and even bottlenecks!

You can now free your minds from worrying that toddlers and infants might damage your beloved speaker from knocks and drops, educating them with media such as songs and audio books has become even more hassle free!
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