ORCHAS Technology, which stands for Orchestrated Acoustic Structure, is a patented invention involving the design of acoustic structure of the speaker that produces sound so life-like and superior that it is just as though a live performance is playing right in front of you.

Up until now, most people have to find a compromise between speaker size, weight and sound quality. Speakers are big so that they can reproduce the bass of the audio, and heavy to eliminate the vibration that comes from the interior components and air movement and pressure in the speaker.
Broadly, the sound of a speaker is produced by converting the electrical signal from a playing device into sound waves. A driver in the speaker does that by rapidly vibrating, thus creating air movement (and sound waves).

To produce quality sound in a very compact space, Eupho redesigns the acoustic structure of the speaker so that the components of the speaker (the driver and a pair of passive radiators) and the pressured air movements vibrate in orchestrated directions. These orchestrated vibrations balance each other out perfectly, thereby turning the wasted energy in the form of vibration into reinforced quality sound.
These orchestrated movements serve several purposes:

Full Range Point Source Sound

The driver and the passive radiators are aligned, which means that all sound ranges - treble, mid-range and bass - are emitted from the same axis. This results in the point source effect, which allows the different sound ranges to arrive at the listener at the same time, thus producing a life-like sound that is able to replicate the original recording. In most other speakers, the sound ranges are emitted from different parts of a speaker or from different drivers, and therefore a different distance from the listener. These sounds arrive not all at once, but rather in a series of close successiveness resulting in a time-shifted effect.

Minimal External Vibration

Through the use of ORCHAS in Eupho, there is minimal external vibration due to the orchestrated movements between the components of the speaker and the air within, which enables Eupho to be extremely light and portable without sacrificing sound quality. Under comparison, most other speakers are designed to be heavy in order to absorb these external vibrations.

High Energy Conservation

The energy that would otherwise be lost through external vibration is now conserved and channeled into delivering better sound and longer battery life, thereby improving the overall energy efficiency of the speaker.

Inspiring New Product Designs

ORCHAS Technology opens Eupho to new frontiers, allowing it to be incorporated easily with other lifestyle products. Designers now do not need any technical knowledge in speaker design to include sound as an element in their products. The technology can effectively be pre-packaged for them. ORCHAS enables Eupho to be what a light bulb is to a lighting designer - whatever form a product takes on, it can be integrated right into the design without any difficulty.
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