UB+ Eupho Modular Speaker

UB+ Eupho is a revolutionary Bluetooth speaker that produces realistic sound with all the nuances and details, just as if a live performance is playing right in front of you.

Weighing only 120 grams with a diameter of 53mm wide and height 76mm, Eupho's sleek, compact size makes it a highly portable device to bring wherever you go. The audio quality is not sacrificed despite its compact size, thereby solving the age-old dilemma between heavy-body speakers with superior sound and small speakers emitting inferior tunes.
This is achieved through the patented ORCHAS technology, which allows Eupho to have full-range point source sound and minimal external vibration, paving for highly efficient bass reproduction and the ability to have enhanced sound with personalised casings.

As a modular speaker itself, Eupho can be used not only on its own as a portable Bluetooth speaker but be fitted into other different accessories such as UB+ Eupho Stereo and UB+ Eupho Brave. This transforms Eupho into an entertainment speaker system for work desks and the likes of television consoles.


  • Extremely compact size
  • Intuitive single button operation
  • Powered by ORCHAS technology
  • Long battery life with Bluetooth playback time lasting up to 20 hours
  • Rubberised texture
  • Multiple inputs - Bluetooth, USB, Analog
  • Compatible with all devices

Modular Speaker

With these expansion capabilities as a sound module, UB+ Eupho enables designers from any field of expertise to integrate a high quality sound element into any design even without any prior acoustic knowledge.

Expansion Casing

The Expansion Casing (sold separately) allows users to enhance the sound, through boosting the bass and amplifying the overall volume. By flipping the case around, it turns into a protective case for Eupho.

Euhpo can also be fitted into other expansion casings like the UB+ Eupho Stereo and UB+ Eupho Brave.

UB+ Eupho Outdoor Sleeve

Other than the expansion casing, the UB+ Eupho Outdoor Sleeve is another great companion to the UB+ Eupho Modular Speaker. Easily attach your speakers to your bicycles and backpacks while commuting from place to place. Having great music and high quality hands free communication outdoors while hiking or camping has become a reality!

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Create high quality stereo sound effect by connecting two Euphos through the BuddyStereo function, allowing both Euphos to function as the left and a right speaker respectively.

Friends can share music freely with each other by connecting their Euphos. When two users connect their Euphos through BuddyStereo, both of them are still in complete control of their own devices. When one person plays a song from his device, both Euphos can play the music with a stereo sound effect. The other person, however, can interrupt it by playing a different song through his play device. Both speakers will immediately be switched to the second song with stereo sound effect.

Mega Party

Multiple Euphos can also be connected through the BuddyStereo function through the use of the Mega Party Cable (sold separately) to pump up the volume substantially. Just make sure you don't disturb your neighbours.

Other Features

Our patented invention involving the design of acoustic structure of the speaker that produces sound so life-like and superior that it is just as though a live performance is playing right in front of you.
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Personalised Speaker
Each Eupho can connect up to 2 devices. Once powered on, it will automatically link to your last connected device. Connect 2 Euphos in BuddyStereo mode and you can link up to 4 devices.
Speakerphone Capability
Eupho comes with a high quality microphone so that you can take calls from your mobile phones even when enjoying music through Eupho.

What's in the box





Technical Specifications

  • 53 X 53 X 76 (mm)
  • Weight 120g
  • Frequency 60Hz–18kHz
  • Up to 20 Hours Playback
  • Minimum 3 Hours (USB Charge) Battery Charge Time
  • V4.0 Bluetooth Compliant
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