UB+ Eupho Brave

We at UB+ named this product Brave because the word comes with the notion of daring to challenge, pushing existing product boundaries and exploring limitless possibilities. UB+ Eupho Brave further expands the ways in which UB+ Eupho can be used, being able to house six UB+ Eupho Speakers.

Carved from beautiful solid wood, UB+ Eupho Brave blends easily into the setting of any home or even workplace. You can even say it is a piece of furniture.

You can upgrade the average sound of your TV greatly by connecting UB+ Eupho Brave to your TV, just like a soundbar. UB+ Eupho Brave will provide you with an impressive sound stage, with its full surround and stereo sound system.

This fully functioning stereo sound system is fitted with modular speakers that are also able to be used independently.

Being able to use each speaker individually also means that you have six unique individual Bluetooth connections to connect multiple devices your family and friends own. Don’t share the same playlist as your friends but would like to play the next song? Problem solved. Or perhaps the family movie session has ended and you would like to head back to your own room? It’s easy, just remove your own speaker from UB+ Eupho Brave and you’re done.

Every UB+ Eupho Brave is carved from fine solid wood with a serial number exclusive only to you engraved on it.

You have the option of using the internal batteries, as well as AC power, this is the one of a kind stereo sound system that can be carried around to suit your needs indoors and even outdoors. Redefine and reshape events such as mini parties, gatherings, and even corporate meetings involving overseas conference calls. Seamless transitions from listening to music in your own space to a family movie in the living room, it’s all up to your creativity now, and the possibilities are limitless.

Be Brave.

What's In The Box

  • UB+ Eupho Brave Expansion Casing
  • User Manual
  • Audio Cable
  • Optical Cable
  • RCA Cable
  • Coaxial Cable
  • Power Plug
  • Remote Control

Technical Specifications

  • 980 x 94 x 65 (mm)
  • Houses 6 UB+ Eupho Modular Speakers (Sold separately)
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