UB+ Eupho Stereo

UB+ Eupho Stereo delivers a high quality stereo experience wherever you need, whether is it at home on your sofa, in the office at your work desk or even the poolside on the deck chair. UB+ Eupho Stereo is an expansion casing which houses two modular UB+ Eupho Speakers.

Just like UB+ Eupho Brave, UB+ Eupho Stereo is also carved from solid wood. Its sleek wooden finish definitely stands out amongst other things on your desktop and gives an added novelty to your tablescape.

Enhance your experience of music, movies and even games on your portable device, such as tablets and notebooks, with a stunning stereo sound output when you pair them up with the UB+ Eupho Stereo. Say goodbye to boring and dull business trips.
Being compact and powered by its internal batteries, UB+ Eupho Stereo can be easily carried around and used in any settings, indoors or outdoors. With a pair of UB+ Eupho Stereos, you can even use them together with your TV to improve its mediocre sound. Being a modular system, UB+ Eupho Stereo also gives you the freedom of using each UB+ Eupho Speaker individually whenever the need arises.

What's In The Box

  • UB+ Eupho Stereo expansion casing
  • User Manual
  • Pouch

Technical Specifications

  • 205 x 94 x 65 (mm)
  • Houses 2 UB+ Eupho Modular Speakers (Sold separately)
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