Solid Science for Sessional Sound


For 16 years, we've engineered physics-based speakers with the best shape for immersive, distortion-free sound in a modern design.


Our boldest speaker yet, with a patented spherical design, the biggest 90mm magnet woofer, and immersive bass, you will feel on your skin. 

S1 Circle

Our lightest and most powerful compact speaker, backed by science, delivers an immersive 360° soundstage and changes what you thought was possible from a compact portable speaker.

S2+ Alphorn

A symphony of style and bass. With a spherical design, 4 drivers for powerful stereo sound, and a sleek tripod stand, use it anywhere, anytime. 

E2+ Solace

Obliterate the competition with our loudest speaker yet. Bringing you the same bass UB+ is known for, and a max volume of 95 decibels, you get 22 hours of playtime on a single charge. 

Design backed by Science

Only UB+ can offer you the sound you need. Create a soundstage with minimal distortion with our patented spherical design that emanates music to reshape your atmosphere. 

Feel The Sonic Bass

The bass and clarity we deliver is only possible with our patented spherical design. Engineered to outperform, our spherical speakers will let you experience music as the artist intended.

Uncompromising Design

The Interdimensional design of all UB+ speakers lets you step into another realm of reimagined audio with minimalist and optional tripods giving you the ability to place your UB+ speakers anywhere and everywhere. 

20 Hour Soundstage

When every other speaker gives up on you just when the party is getting to where you want it to be, keep everyone dancing with 20 hours of battery life. Booming bass and pulsating percussion shouldn’t have a time limit, so keep yours going with UB+.

Lightweight and Portable

UB+ speakers are portable and boom the same bass everywhere they go. Being as lightweight as they are they can be taken anywhere from the bedroom to the beach to the park and everywhere in between.

Water Resistant Design

You shouldn’t have to be pulled out of your immersive sound experience because of some faulty audio. Our latest UB+ speakers can handle water splashes so the party can keep going on, even when there is a slip up.

UB+ App

The app has an adjustable EQ that can recreate the world you live in. Your UB+ equalizer lets you change the bass levels, raise the volume, interconnect speakers, and more. 

Bluetooth 5.3

With the latest technology in Bluetooth connectivity, boom your music from up to 10 meters away. You can send your house into a sonic symphony without having to be anywhere near your UB+ speaker. 

Absolute Bestseller!

True Wireless Stereo (TWS)

Pair two UB+ speakers together with our TWS feature on the app and step into another dimension. Enhanced coding keeps the speakers in sync when they work together to emanate sound from left and right, to bring you into the fold of whatever is going on.